Promote Your Company with Custom Branded Notebooks

Brand a Custom Hardbound Notebook With Your Logo

Branded notebooks are a great way to promote a company. They are practical and useful items that show how much value the company places on its employees.

Unlike other types of promotional products, notebooks can be carried around, which means that they will be seen by more people than other items. Customizable hardbound notebooks with Wire-O binding make a perfect choice for companies that want to impress their customers.

High-Quality Paper

Notebooks are a daily staple for students, business people, writers and contractors. Handing out a custom notebook with your logo can create a sense of professionalism and class that a generic blank notebook from the store cannot.

When choosing paper for your notebook, consider its opacity and thickness (measured in lb or gsm). An 80-90gsm journal book with lined or unlined pages is perfect for everyday use.

Choose from various paper sizes, and add custom cover printing for a personalized look. Consider silk-screening if you want to show off your design on both sides of the cover. Or try debossed patterns that create an elegant feel. You can also add add-ons, such as elastic bands, pen loops and bookmarks. This is the ideal way to make your notebook stand out from the rest.

Wire-O Binding

A more sophisticated option than spiral binding, wire-o binding also provides a more professional look. This type of binding involves punching holes in the pages of a book and then clamping them together with a double looped wire. This gives the pages a comb-like appearance that allows them to lie flat when opened.

The wires used in this type of binding are available in different colors and lengths. The longer wires are ideal for books with many pages as they provide more strength and durability.

The wires are also available in a variety of diameters to accommodate varying book thicknesses. This allows the book to open and stay flat when in use, making it perfect for manuals, workbooks, guides, and recipe books. It also prevents the pages from curling over and allows for even page registration when opening and closing the book.


Whether your custom notebooks are designed for journaling, art, or note-taking at work or school, they can be customized with unique cover designs and your logo. You can also add unique interior pages that complement the cover design, including lined, graph, or blank.

For example, you can offer a planner that helps users organize their to-do lists and goals. Or, you can create a notebook with a sports theme for the gym enthusiast. You can even make a notebook that encourages doodles about intergalactic adventures to inspire the science student in your life.

Adding customized notebooks to your product lineup is a strategic branding move for businesses. These portable promotional giveaways are often used in meetings and conferences and serve as a functional reminder of the brand.


Whether they’re handing them out to students or using them for their own work, your brand will get plenty of exposure when you add your logo to custom notebooks and journals. These durable promos also make a great addition to promotional bags at events and trade shows.

Build your custom notebook in the same way you would a photo book on Blurb’s BookSmart software. You’ll be able to choose any size, add pages, and change the cover design based on your preferences.

Creative writers and custom notebooks go together like macaroni and cheese. Use them to write down ideas, notes and lists. They’re also great for photographers to take notes during a shoot or doodle on the road. The notebooks have a hardback cover that protects the pages from damage and provides an elegant look.


Whether it’s for a new job, school year, or just a new chapter in your life, this 8.5” x 11” hardcover notebook can take you where you want to go. The wraparound hard cover can be customized front and back with full-bleed designs.

Its pages are smooth and great for writing on, and there’s minimal bleed-through even with inky fountain pen nibs. It also has a good weight and feel, although it’s a little heavier than other types of custom notebooks we’ve reviewed.

Build your own on the Blurb site with a variety of templates, and choose from lined or grid pages. These notebooks are easy to carry in a bag or purse and will help you keep track of your thoughts and ideas wherever you go.

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